Risk Vikings


The Game of Strategic Conquest
Encapsulates all your favourite Vikings territories including Wessex, Connacht and Riftefund, as you choose your side, deploy your armies and go into battle
Bespoke gameboard with key locations from the TV show
Beautifully crafted game pieces, a quick-play version and easy set-up
Risk is the game where you need to conquer it all

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Let The Viking Age Begin.
The continent of Europe has faced many battles in the past, but none as brutal as what is about to become a 250-year conquest. Ragnar Lothbrok, disenchanted with his chieftain’s progress, decides to cross the oceans by boat and discover new, richer civilisations. Now it’s your turn to engage in combat and seek to conquer this new world alongside him.
Play as one of five fully customised Viking tribes, including uniquely influential Viking longship game pieces, as you try to invade and capture the nine regions of Europe. With special Cards of the Gods to help boost your forces or ruin your plans, and special Raid cards to capture strategic strongholds and gain new warriors, this edition of Risk is an epic battle for control of Europe and its vast riches. See you in Valhalla.

Risk Vikings
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