GameGenic – Prime Playmat (Purple)


The Must-Have item for every card game: The softly cushioned Prime Playmat, made from 2 mm of natural rubber, to protect your cards from dirty surfaces or scratches. Each playmat is outfitted with an anti-slip back side and will remain perfectly in place on the table. The comfortable feel and soft material are perfect for card games, dice rolling or your home desktop. The subtle but elegant, imprinted GameGenic logo is displayed in the top corner of the playmat in an almost invisible way.
¥ 61 x 35 cm
¥ Softly cushioned playmat, 2 mm thick
¥ Ultra-fine surface
¥ Provides safe environment for cards and accessories
¥ Anti-slip back side
¥ Comfortable feel, perfect for dice-rolling
¥ Subtle and elegant imprinted logo. (Not annoying: depending on the light angle almost invisible)
¥ Made from natural rubber

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